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10th international Artist‘s Book Triennale Vilnius 2024

Happy to be selected with my book WALKS for the „10th international Artist‘s Book Triennale Vilnius 2024

24 May – 1 July 2024

We are delighted to invite you to our upcoming exhibition “10th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2024” and the International Artist’s Book Conference 2024 “Artist’s Book: Between Tradition & Multimedia” at the Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Vilnius.

24th of May, 2024 – Opening of the 10th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2024”
25th of May, 2024 – International Artist’s Book Conference 2024

Museum of Applied Arts and Design
Arsenalo Street 3a, 01143 Vilnius, Lithuania

To book WALKS



Vernissage 28 .2.2024
Studio Koschmieder
Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin // Gallery for Contemporary Art in Berlin // contact:

More details for exhibition are coming soon.


Selected for the 10th international Artist’sBook Triennal 2024

Time & Locations:

2024 March 21-24.
Leipzig Book Fair, IAKH: Globus Galerie + Edition Lebensretter, Germany.

2024 March 27 – April 13.
Gallery SG, Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice, Italy.

2024 May 24 – July 1.
Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2024 May 25.
“International Artist’s Book Conference Vilnius” in the Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Vilnius.

2024 September 6.
The Plunge Municipal Clock Tower Library, Lithuania.

2025 March.
Reed Library of the State University of New York at Fredonia, US.

2025 May.
The Morgan Conservatory, Cleveland, US.


17 /09 / 2023
ELLEN KORTH writes " EN EN EN " VAN 11 t/m 17:00 uur.


20/22 October 2023 // Universität für Angewandte Kunst WIEN
Presentation book GRIETHA

#WALKS# im Museum EICAS / Deventer / Netherlands - Artikle in FOTOLOT PERLENTAUCHER

Walks im Museum EICAS - artikel in perlentaucher

Im Museum EICAS in Deventer bot sich für Korth nun die Möglichkeit, in ihrem Projekt "Walks" unterschiedliche Elemente zusammenzubringen.


On the table at clothing store Spin, a large part of the work of the Deventer multimedia photographer/artist Ellen Korth is on display and available for inspection. Incredibly beautiful book objects, which have been created with great care, attention, patience and love. You can see that, you can feel it, but this afternoon we will also hear it from Ellen herself.

In an intimate setting, she tells in a respectful and honest manner about the genesis and the creative process of her books, so that they really come to life on the spot.

Beforehand we see Ellen's installation 'WALKS' in Museum EICAS.

This, just like the book of the same name, is the result of seven days a week, seven days a week, with her camera following a fixed route in Voorst and capturing the ever-changing vegetation on a daily basis. In her studio she continues the repetition by printing 49 photos, soaking them, separating the layers of the Japanese fiber paper she uses and then creasing and smoothing it out again and again. This ultimately results in wafer-thin images of the vegetation that is still recognizable in many shades of grey, a number of which hang on the museum wall at knee height. From what remains she makes large 'stones' and wall hangings. On the floor of the museum room, the word 'and' is written in an endless series, suggesting the flowing IJssel in which the paper stones surrounded by cubes lie.

The exhibition can be seen until September 17.

29 juli 2023 Performance Ellen Korth "en en en en en en ……."

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