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Paradise (2015)

7 booklets
edition 5
photography and design –ellen korth
printing – ellen korth
awagami kozo paper double layered
binding – wytze fopma/fopmawier
text – ellen korth/ margreet van ’t wel/ thorsten marquardt
translation – thorsten marquardt / evelyn schwenner
price on request

Looking at children in gardens, parks and the Frisian landscape for Ellen Korth became a trigger for her own childhood memories. All of the seven volumes – of each volume there a five copies available – open with a rear view of a child in the present time. Rear views of seven boys and girls with no name in black and white.
Every volume ends with a literary miniature of a haiku written by Ellen Korth. Not as a consequence, but as a mirror of her own helplessness every volume concludes with a black-and-white photo of Ellen Korth as a little girl that accompanies the poem.