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Ellen Korth

Visual Artist

I work as a multimedia photographer/artist, known as producer of, among other things, the international prizewinning design book Utilité (awarded with the silver medal for best book design in Leipzig) and the photo-art book Jorinde - admitted in the library of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
Fascinated by Japanese culture and my own journey through life, I photograph the curiosities of everyday life.
I document and archive these, creating a complete work of art, consisting of photography, interviews, music, film, objects and book-art. > read more <

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Bookpresentation and Installation in the Orangery of Castle Twickel in Amt Delden/Netherlands
Sundag // June 3 2018 // 3 pm

The Fabric of Time

This project is established developed in collaboration with “Kasteel Twickel” // Design: -SYB - // Binder, Fopma Wier/Wytze Fopma // Photography: Ellen Korth & Studio Hans van Ommeren // Printing photo’s : Ellen Korth// Printing text page: De Vos Speciaaldruk.

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The background is a part of the project The Fabric of Time: see here the project.