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JA.NU! (2013/2014)
The best off

27 x 38 x 3 cm
122 double folded pages/ japanese binding with original prints
linen box
limited edition 10 signed
design – ellen korth/harald balke
printing – hans van ommeren
binding – wytze fopma/fopmawier
pre-order € 695,--

JA.NU! (Yes . Now!)
Is the new book of Ellen Korth and Harald Balke ( Balx).
A book about traveling, friendship and everyday beauty.
Balx sent a text message to Ellen Korth inviting her to take - yes now!- a picture of her surroundings.
At that moment Balx took a picture of his surroundings with his SLR.
Modern day communication with pictures of landscapes, cities and everyday details.