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Here and There

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Here and There (2013)

112,5 x 14,5 x 10 cm
27 concertina-books in 3 cassettes with 3 booklets in English
675 pp
photography – ellen korth
text – ellen korth/margreet van ’t wel
translation – margreet van ’t wel
limited edition 75 numbered and signed
full color printing with prints of substances on the covers
publisher : DeDoc uitgeverij zutphen

The day

Every day. Always different. Images that stay with you, while you barely noticed them when you first saw them. You record them, review them at home.
You always see more that way. You’re surprised you didn’t see it before. Your city. A different city. Where you happen to be. The Netherlands. Ordinary images of a normal day. Nice weather. Or rain.
Friends send a postcard, and another one, and another one…Their day. The day that’s also your day, but not at the same time. Far away. In their campervan, by bike, by train, they travel around Europe. They thought of you. “It’s nice here, great city, beautiful day. Kind regards!”
The same day and still different…

Text: Margreet van ‘t Wel