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Jorinde (2013)

24,5 x 18 cm
photography– ellen korth
text – ellen korth/margreet van ‘t Wel
design – SYB –
lithography – colour & books
edition – 100/ numbered and signed in a box
€ 120,--

The book is a fascinating puzzle, a game with associations and feelings.

The name comes from a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.
A witch turns the girl into a nightingale, her lover overcomes the spell and makes her a woman again.

But in Ellen Korth’s book, we see paintings of “Madonna and Child”, that hang in museums in Amsterdam and Berlin. In big letters a lullaby runs through the book.
A hypnotic mantra of numbers and letters. On the sealed inner sides of the Japanese bound pages more pictures, mother with child today. A small photo of a family celebration falls out...
See why i speak of a mystery opus. But the book is so uniquely designed and delicately manufacturerd that it is a pleasure to deal with it anyway.

(25books Hannes Wanderer)