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Utilité (2011)

150 x 200 x 5 mm
250 fold-outs
250 pages
numerous b& w and colour illustrations
dutch/english in extra booklet
photography – ellen korth
Interviews – ellen korth
text – margreet van ’t wel
design –SYB –
lithography – colour & books
printing – A-D Druk Zeist
binding – Patist Den Dolder
ISBN : 978 90 9026160-7
Sold out!

To be quite honest, self-made crocheted oven cloths, a tiny knitted cap for the doll from the flea market, delicately hand-stitched small tablecloths, which can be used as wall hangings or coasters – usually I cannot enthuse for that kind of things.

But this book is a jewel. Ellen Korth has visited more than 40 women and also men, who devotedly crochet, knit, bobbin lace and spin at home like there is no tomorrow. The book itself is a unique top performance of the bookbinding craftsmanship. On the outsides of an altar fold each chapter shows a little work piece, which has been manufactured in lovingly handcrafted work. When one opens the pages, one encounters an attached double page with a full-size, beautifully photographed b&w image, which shows the hands at work on this previously shown piece. The unfolded altar fold shows images from the domestic environment and the people that are behind the respective manual works, surrounded by cloths, threads, weaving looms, with knitting utensils and needles. On the outer pages of the bound sheets, one finds handwritten letters of those, who manufactured the caps, covers and suchlike.

Each chapter is a small, touching story. Perhaps I still don‘t want to have any stitched blanket at home, but this book I will gladly pick up again and again and enjoy it.

25books/hannes wanderer

Silver medal, Best Book Design from all over the World, Leipzig 2012