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// WALKS //
Photography and Text : Ellen Korth  
Design and Text Edit : -SYB -  
Bookbinder : Fopma Wier 
Embossing : De Vos special print
For 7 weeks I returned to more or less the same place over and over again.
I started to love this landscape.
The silence, the change in nature, which I could perceive better through the daily repetition.
The repetition of the change.
Every day I took 1 picture of the place where I walked .
49 photos , printed on wafer thin Japanese WASHI PAPER , in 7 folders with a route book in a box .
The folders and the box have an embossing, also the text and the routes in the route booklet. 
All copies are numbered and signed.
Price: on request
Review from Douglas Stockdale ( Editor & Publisher PhotoBook Journal )of my artist book //WALKS//