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// WALKS //

Photography and Text : Ellen Korth  
Design and Text Edit : -SYB -  
Bookbinder : Fopma Wier 
Embossing : De Vos special print
For 7 weeks I returned to more or less the same place over and over again.
I started to love this landscape.
The silence, the change in nature, which I could perceive better through the daily repetition.
The repetition of the change.
Every day I took 1 picture of the place where I walked .
49 photos , printed on wafer thin Japanese WASHI PAPER , in 7 folders with a route book in a box .
The folders and the box have an embossing, also the text and the routes in the route booklet. 
All copies are numbered and signed.
Price: on request
Review from Douglas Stockdale ( Editor & Publisher PhotoBook Journal )of my artist book //WALKS//

Selected for the 10th international Artist’sBook Triennal 2024

Time & Locations:

2024 March 21-24.
Leipzig Book Fair, IAKH: Globus Galerie + Edition Lebensretter, Germany.

2024 March 27 – April 13.
Gallery SG, Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice, Italy.

2024 May 24 – July 1.
Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2024 May 25.
“International Artist’s Book Conference Vilnius” in the Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Vilnius.

2024 September 6.
The Plunge Municipal Clock Tower Library, Lithuania.

2025 March.
Reed Library of the State University of New York at Fredonia, US.

2025 May.
The Morgan Conservatory, Cleveland, US.