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CHARKOW// Boekpresentatie en Installatie in de „Grote Kerk" te Dalfsen 6 mei 2017 // 20:00 uur


CHARKOW//  Bookpresentation and Installation in the
“GREAT CHURCH” in Dalfsen.
Saturday May 6th 2017 // 20:00 pm

Bookpresentation and Installation of CHARKOW by Ellen Korth, artist/photographer, during the weekend art & culture in the “Great Church” in Dalfsen.

In the context of this exhibition a concert will take place with the title HOME on Saturday May 6th in the Great Church in Dalfsen and you can meet in this special way the artist and her work.

The concert will be preceded by an interview with Ellen Korth and Jan Kristen.
The concert with the title HOME, is also the title of the exhibition.

CHARKOW is about the search for a sense of belonging with on its centre the artist’s mother and her secrets. Her mother flied during World War II from Ukraine through Germany to Holland.

Jeroen den Herder ( cellist with the Ruysdaal Quartet) and professor at the conservartories of Amsterdam and Rotterdam) and Ivette van Laar, soprano/piano.
They played works of Bach, Pärt, Shostakovich and Tavener.

After the concert there is an oppotunity to see the exhibition and to enter into dialoque with Ellen Korth.