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The Fabric of Time

Twickel Castle in ‘Ambt Delden’ was a reve- lation and a blessing. It provided a surrounding so authentic and untouched by time that the presence of its former inhabitants could still be felt. The cupboards, drawers, and dressers, were stuffed with stiffened, ironed, and packaged undergarments. They touched my heart with every tiny detail, from the smallest buttons and finest embroidered borders, to the subtle fabrics. Every garment has its own story, connected to lives we don’t know; lives from a distant past whose hearts can be heard today. To help others experience both the small details and vulnerability of the garments, I photographed each piece on light boxes, printed them on 14-gram Japanese Awagami double-layered paper, and then removed the bottom layer. This method ensured that every print was different and every alteration of the paper unique. It was time-consuming, precise work, which is why there are only 50 copies of this edition.
Measure: 42 x 60 cm. Each one numbered and signed, bound to a roll in a carton box with embossed title.
The textlines on the bottom of every pages are also embossed and the textpage is printed by hand on classic book press.

The first copies are available april 2018.
Pre-order per mail: